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Rating 5/5

Welcome back dear readers! Firstly I would like to thank Head of Zeus for gifting me both an e-book proof and a finished copy of this book!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I was very excited for the second installment of The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper and I can promise you, book two is just as good as book one!

We follow once again the story of Amara as she battles her way through life in Ancient Pompeii. Now having escaped the harsh grip of her former pimp Felix, Amara is left to play a game of life as a courtesan, false affections, and relying on the mercy of her Patron Rufus, a man Amara soon realises is not as loving and doting as he seemed. While Amara's past haunts her, the loss of her dearest friend, the weight of the women she left behind and the pressure of her former owner now pursuing her follows her throughout this story. We are once again pulled into a gripping tale of hardships, betrayals and the wonderfully vivid streets of Pompeii Elodie Harper has created and all the while the ever burning question still rings true: will Amara ever be truly free?

I must admit I was scared to go into the second installment just as much as I was excited, we as readers always go into sequels thinking: will this be as good as the first? Or will it be a disappointment to our long awaited excitement? I can with certainty say that I was not disappointed. As soon as I was given access to this book I could not put it down. I spent my days (much like I did with the first book) thinking about how the story would unfold, how would Amara handle the life that is thrown at her, wanting desperately to get back to reading.

Amara's story is one I don't think I will tire of, even after finishing The Wolf Den this story stayed in my thoughts right up until this new addition. I don't know about you but for me this can be a rare occurrence, so many stories and read and forgotten after a while but not this one. Elodie has well and truly secured her books into my top favourites because of this.

I wish I could climb into Ancient Pompeii and watch as this story plays out. I want nothing more than to walk though Amara's garden and listen to the songs Victoria sings. To drink wine and snack on figs in the late afternoon heat, to partake in the celebrations of the deities. There is a lot of happiness to be found in these moments, and as a reader I know to cherish them while I can, because without fail Elodie Harper pulls the reins on Amara's happiness as the harsh reality of her life kicks in.

I could go on talking about how good this book is, and I honestly cannot recommend it enough!! If you love Historical fictions you need to pick up The Wolf Den and The House with the Golden Door!

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