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A Quiet Moment with Loop

Do you struggle with noise like I do?

It's no secret that we have had so many issues when it comes to noise living in our past apartments, from loud music to badly behaved kids. I was really excited when Loop offered to send me some of their ear plugs to try out because I won't lie to you guys...I've become super sensitive to noise since living in apartments, to a point where unwanted noise now really annoys me!

I was sent two pairs of their earplugs, their Experience and Quiet pairs a couple of weeks ago and I have since tried them out for numerous things!

So, for those of you who don't know we recently moved out of our apartment in preparation of buying our forever home and we currently live in a renovated caravan! (Blog post on that will be coming later!) so while I no longer have the noise of our awful apartment neighbours anymore, we do have the noise coming from heavy rain, being on a suburban street and also noise from my boyfriend gaming in the same room as me!

All of these things can be reduced with Loops earplugs!

The Experience plugs (the gold ones seen in the pictures!) cancel out 18 decibels, these are recommended by Loop for parents, travel, concerts etc. I use these ones when I am awake and want things just a little more quiet, they soften noise rather than cancelling it out completely. They're great for reading or studying with background noise that's just a bit too loud!

The Quiet plugs (all black) cancel out 27 decibels. These are soft so you can use them for sleeping. These cancel out almost all noise for me unless the noise is loud (for example someone would have to talk quite loudly or shout for me to hear it). These have been perfect if you need next to no noise or if you need plugs for sleeping in.

Both pairs are comfy and easy to put in unlike standard earplugs, I usually struggle with bad ear ache/pain or headaches if I wear ear plugs for long periods of time but that is reduced with Loop. I will say that if you toss or turn a lot in your sleep then be aware of the fact that the quiet plugs may fall out, I have had it happen a few times where I've maybe not fallen into a deep sleep or have moved my head a lot.

Overall I would say that these are super effective plugs for drowning out noise and if it's something you struggle with I would definitely recommend grabbing a pair! The sets come with multiple plug sizes so you don't have to worry about them not fitting and they are super easy to insert and they look cool!

Again thank you to Loop for sending the pairs to me! I will get a lot of use of them!

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