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A Dark Academia Bookcase

Since moving into my apartment and sharing more photos of my bookcases the subjects of my DM’s quickly changed to the ever constant question of:

How do I make an Academia bookcase? What Dark Academia books do you recommend? What books are on your main bookcase?

So here I am ready to answer all of these questions! Firstly! I have a bookshelf tour on my instagram page! So if you want a quick look through all the books on my much loved bookcase then have a look at that!

But my top tip for creating a ‘Dark Academia’ Bookcase are:

1. Get yourself the top Dark Academia books!

You can’t go wrong! Some of my favourite books are Dark Academia themed and if you post these books on your IG people in that community will find you and bam! More Dark Academia recommendations! But my top DA Bookcase recs are: The Secret History (A MUST have!) If We Were Villains The Historian Ninth House A Dead Poets Society (Or just rewatch the film countless times!) At least a dozen Shakespeare books (Everyman’s Library have the most pleasing spines!) The Goldfinch Literally any Greek philosopher/poet/writer - Homer is a go to! My bookcase also has a lot of Historical/Mythological Fictional retellings and History books!

I also have some fiction too!! These aren’t necessarily DA but I still chose them to go on the shelf!

2. Make it Aesthetically Pleasing!

So I found that my most popular pictures of my DA shelves even before my apartment where the ones that had selective spines showing. Bright colours don’t scream Dark Academia, so (And some of you will hate this) time to turn your books around! Having a mix of spines and pages is such a good way to keep your bookcases to a certain colour code!! Especially if your like me and don’t like bright colours and just want everything to match! Choose certain titles/spine colours - Beige/Black/White, and then turn everything else around. Keep some if they’re relevant or you really want to showcase them! My Odyssey edition is blue/grey and that still faces out to show Homers good name! It’s your bookcase show off the books you want people/ or yourself to see!

3. In The Name of Art

Fill it with art books! I love art, and my go to art books of choice are from Taschen! They are not only aesthetically pleasing (especially when you have a few beside each other) but they are really good art books! There’s so many to choose from and the art inside in just beautiful!! I could honestly spend days locked away just looking through them!

4. History and Mythology

These are ones I would recommend only if you actually like the genres, especially when it comes to history! But a good couple of mythology books and ancient Egyptian books cover my shelf! And mythology books always have pretty covers! Below are two I recommend for Greek Mythology!

And that’s it! That is how I built my Dark Academia shelf!! And to be honest a lot of my buys where partially because of covers! But I always recommed that you buy a book as well because you think it’ll be interesting! I don’t understand why people buy books solely for covers and not because they’re also interested!!

Let me know if you buy any of the books I’ve shown/recommended!!

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